How to reduce

Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is healing. This will require you to be rigorous. As I said before you have become a figure of attachment for your dog. The idea is to break this image. There are several methods that give results depending on the degree of anxiety in your dog.

Do not confuse boredom and separation anxiety! But the lack of physical activity is an important factor. For starters, take a long walk to your dog. Walks where he can run and evacuate too much energy.

Then we give toys against boredom! They will stimulate your dog during your absence. So, he will think of something else.

We ignore the dog before departure and also on arrival! 10-15 min before and after. This is not an extraordinary moment !!!

We do false start exercises! By manipulating the keys to move them to different places in the house or simply make noise with them and rest them. The goal is not to reinforce: “Noise of keys = Departure of my masters = STRESS”. But rather: Noise of keys = No departure = No STRESS “. It’s not only about keys, but also shoes, coats, etc.

Do not punish your dog on your return! Despite the destruction, do not see a sign of distrust towards you, your pet is suffering and he needs you to help him overcome his anxiety. This state is treated with time.

Natural Remedies


Essential oils are used in many ways, to disinfect his dog, act against parasites, stimulate the animal’s defenses, soothe his muscle pain, but also fight against stress.

Among the most effective oils, true lavender, which also acts on various disorders of nerve origin such as asthma or digestive spasms. The marjoram with shell is also used to calm anxiety in dogs, such as expensive Roman chamomile or mandarin

Herbal medicine

Some herbs can help calm nervous and stressed dogs. Hawthorn for example, valerian, passionflower, lavender or St. John’s wort, are known for their rebalancing virtues.

Be very vigilant. Some plants are toxic to our animals and can be given to a dog. Consult an experienced herbalist before embarking on herbal medicine.

Bach Flowers

eSeveral Bach Flowers can be used to fight stress in dogs. Aspen (Aspen) for the sake of the indefinable fears, the Cherry Plum (Plum tree myrobolan) is used for dogs that makes aggressive or destructive while Rock Rose (Helianthus) is used in cases of panic extreme, of terror, following an accident, the attack of another dog, etc. The Rescue is used in its immediate situation to fight against.

CBD E Liquid, does not add any high sensation but rather, reduces anxiety and pain. A bit like, taking an Advil does not make you feel better but rather masks your pain. Giving your dog CBD reduces his perception of pain and reduces his anxiety level without making him high.

CBD Isolates are also a good and cheap method to get the necessary CBD into your dog. CBd isolates usually work out cheaper and are more potent you can buy it from places like CBD Oil King a website designed for CBD vape pen London who specialize in CBD Isolate and can be purchased as CBD isolate wholesale. This not does not carry side effects and will make sure your dog does not hallucinate, does not blur ideas. When it does work (because it does not work on all dogs) it destresses, relaxes, reduces anxiety and pain. The official website of the SQDC says that CBD “could create the impression of feeling relaxing and increasing the state of calm and relaxation”.

When describing the effects on the dog it is vague because the difference to be observed is in the absence or the reduction of a behavior. Instead of grunting, panicking, choking, barking, being on the lookout for each sound, the dog is just calm.


Homeopathy for dogs is generally available in the form of syrup and is usually manufactured by the same laboratories as homeopathy for humans. It is used as adjunctive therapy for joint problems, stress, and pain or fatigue episodes of the immune system. It is usually a homeopathic veterinarian who prescribes them. He may also use the granules sold in pharmacies if the formulation does not exist for animals.

Unfortunately, we have no clinical experience of treatment with dog homeopathy. We should wait for a study that would prove the effectiveness of homeopathy for dogs. Studies on the subject are few and none clearly show the effectiveness of homeopathy against a placebo. Some veterinarians strongly discourage the use of these drugs. If you decide to use homeopathy to treat your dog, have the drug prescribed by a homeopathic veterinarian. Homeopathic self-medication should not delay a visit to the veterinarian if the dog is sick and should not replace his main treatment.

Herbal medicine, on the other hand, gives better results in research on the treatment of many diseases, used alone or in addition to conventional drugs. Herbal medicine uses plant extracts or natural active principles of plants sometimes used for many centuries in traditional medicines of some countries. Today, more and more scientific studies show the effectiveness of natural active ingredients that come into the formulation of herbal treatments. We have even tried CBD Bath bombs and found them to be very helpful to help with pains for our 13year old dog, and provides a luxurious way for him to relax with different cented CBD Bath Bombs

Food Supplements

They are recommended to calm a mild anxiety in the dog. They are devoid of side effects and must be administered as a cure for at least 2 months for a lasting effect on the behavior of the dog. The effects of these food supplements appear quickly, usually in less than 3 weeks. Here are some examples of food supplements that are on the market:

Anxitane: Theanine-based tablets that limit the effects of stress such as cardiac acceleration, hyper vigilance and increased blood pressure.

Zylkene: capsules that contain alpha casozepine, a milk protein with soothing properties.


Pheromones are chemicals released by dogs. They are able to trigger behavioral responses in animals that perceive them. For example, the apaisin is a pheromone secreted by the suckling dog that causes the calming and attachment of puppies that suckle. But the soothing effect of pheromones has also been observed in adult dogs. Analogs of these pheromones are therefore used today in soothing products for anxious dogs. Among these products, there is Adaptil which comes in spray, electric diffuser or necklace. Its effects are visible in the first fifteen days of use.